Tribord Easybreath Full Face Dive Mask Review

Scuba diving and snorkeling have a couple of things in common – underwater exploration and fun! Now, how you explore the big blue and the level of exploration differs for these two methods. It all comes down to a matter of opinion on which one is better? But for the non-Scuba diver and just an alternative to Scuba Diving, snorkeling is the way forward. But which mask should you buy?

Your mask is literally a window to the underwater world, which is one of the reasons why choosing the right mask is important. If you have already read our Top 10 best dive mask reviews and haven’t found the mask you want, why not try a full face snorkel mask?

Sometimes, finding the right dive mask can be a difficult task. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We will guide you to find the best full face mask on the market.

Remember, finding what you need is much more important than buying what others use or the product with the lowest price tag. To help you out with the process, we have reviewed one of the top full face masks currently on the market, the Tribord Easybreath. Carry on reading to find out if this is the best full face snorkel mask for you!

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Dive Mask Reviews

Thanks to the panoramic field of vision, the possibility of breathing through your nose and a dry top system, it has never been easier to discover the underwater world with a full face mask. Many people have quoted that once you try a full face snorkel mask, you will never go back to a regular mask and mouthpiece!

With design improvements coming each year, full face snorkel masks just keep getting better and better. Nowadays, there are quite a few different types of full face masks available on the market which vary in price, accessories, and quality of the products.

As a scuba diver myself, my exploration of the underwater world started with snorkeling. That’s why I couldn’t wait to try out this heavily reviewed full face mask, and share my experience with you!

Subea Tribord Easybreath (2018 Version)

Excellent for Surface Snorkeling & Enhanced Air Channels

Our Review Score

The Subea Tribord Easybreath (2018 Version) is a full face snorkel mask with all the features of the previous versions but better developed. This full face mask has enhanced air channels for an even more natural experience, an improved secure lock to keep the snorkel firmly attached and a hypoallergenic silicone skirt that seals the mask to your face more comfortably. It also features a GoPro mount to help you capture some awesome shots underwater.

This snorkel mask is slightly more expensive than the last model but it’s worth the extra pennies and what’s more is that it comes in all different sizes. Perfect for snorkelers of all levels and an outstanding unobstructed 180° field of vision.


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Subea Tribord Easybreath (2017 Version)

Affordable & High Quality

Our Review Score

The Subea Tribord Easybreath (2017 Version) is slightly short of half a star due to its newer version which has been brought out this year (2018). This full face mask boasts all of the features, it has the unobstructed 180° field of vision, the dry top system and also the silicone skirt for that extra comfortable seal around the face, the only downside to this mask is that Subea decided to discontinue two sizes, X/S and L/XL because they feel that the S/M and M/L sizes cover around 90% of the world’s faces. Having said this, the optimization has helped cut the costs of this snorkeling mask.

If you are not looking for a full face mask with a camera mount and are within the 90% of faces that come in S/M or M/L you can save a couple of pennies and pick last year’s Easybreath version.


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Overview of the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Mask

The Subea Tribord Easybreath is a full face snorkel mask designed for surface snorkeling. Decathlon designed the Easybreath mask back in 2013 and continue to improve their invention year on year. The Easybreath is the first ever fully- integrated snorkeling mask that offers its users the possibility of breathing easily underwater through the nose and mouth – Just as they do on dry land.

Due to its large size, this innovative mask offers an amazing, unobstructed 180° field of vision. Its anti-fogging mechanism is designed by a double air-flow system which is identical to systems used in domestic extraction fans. To ensure that the water doesn’t enter via the snorkel, the Tribord Easybreath mask is equipped with a dry top system – a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed underwater. For safety and visibility when in the water, the snorkel is highly visible in order to avoid any collisions on the surface.

Full Face Snorkel Masks

The Best & Worst Things about Full Face Snorkel Masks

Pros – Full Face Snorkel Masks

I loved the Subea Tribord Easybreath 2018 full face snorkel mask. There are so many different things about it I loved.

It is so easy to breathe! With no snorkel piece in your mouth, breathing is so easy. Due to the mask’s design, it makes it so easy and natural to simply breathe through your nose and mouth.

A panoramic field of vision is unequaled. Boasting a 180° field of vision, this underwater view is outstanding. The lens is made from shatterproof polycarbonate making great for visibility.

Dry Top System means no leaks! With this clever design, the float system stops water from entering the snorkel. Which is great in choppy water. If any water does manage to get into the mask, it has been designed so that the valve located at the chin area drains as soon as you lift it above water level.

Anti-fogging mask. One of the big frustrations about snorkeling is having to stop constantly to clear your regular mask of fog. Well, with this mask that never happens! The Subea Tribord Easybreath has a double chamber airflow system which allows all fogging to take place within the lower part of the mask, which is separate from the viewing area, meaning you won’t miss a thing!

No jaw Fatigue. For anyone who suffers from jaw fatigue, will understand the feeling of holding down a mouthpiece for an hour or so. With a full face snorkel mask, this isn’t an issue. With no mouthpiece, there is no jaw fatigue, even after hours of snorkeling!

Compactable mask. Another great feature of this full face mask is that the snorkel piece is detachable from the mask, making it much easier to transport in the mesh bag it comes in.

Noticeable within the water. It’s very important to be aware of your surroundings when snorkeling and also for others to be aware of you. A great advantage of the Tribord face over most of its competitors is that it has a bright orange fluorescent tip on the end of the snorkel. This is in order to help other water users see when snorkelers are in the water.

Cons – Full Face Snorkel Masks

Bears and facial hair can cause leaks! Beards create tiny spaces that will allow water to get through. Subea recommends that men shave their beard in order to create a better seal and prevent leakages.

Full face masks are not designed for free diving. Full face snorkel masks are designed for surface snorkeling only.

Older versions of the Tribord Easybreath come in limited sizes. The Subea snorkel 2017 version masks available online don’t have the full range of sizes available in comparison to the Tribord masks

Snorkel masks are designed for relatively calm water. Although these type of masks have a dry top system, they are designed for leisurely surface snorkeling in relatively calm water.

Full Face Snorkel Mask

What’s the Difference between the Old Tribord Masks and the New Version?

As I mentioned earlier, each year full face masks undergo new developments and just keep getting better. The new version of the Tribord Easybreath comes with a hypoallergenic silicone face skirt. The air valves have been improved on the 2018 model, providing it with better airflow.

The 2018 model also boasts an improved secure lock snorkel, complete with the dry freak O-ring. The O-ring has a 6-year life cycle and the snorkel will never prematurely release. You also get a spare ring included, just in case the original ring gets damaged or lost. Another great feature about the new Tribord Easybreath 2018 version is that it includes a GoPro mount area.

What colors do the Tribord EasyBreath Full Face Masks Come in?

The Tribord Easybreath maks come in four different base colors. These include; Orange, Blue, Pink, and Turquoise. On some online stores, Turquoise may be listed as Atoll or Lagoon.

Limited Edition Easybreath Snorkeling Masks

Back in mid-2017, Tribord Subea released a limited edition range of their full face masks. This limited edition series, star all over pattern designs inspired by the way that the light plays on the seabeds, different shoals of fish, coral palettes and the movement of underwater light.

As per most limited edition products, these masks do cost a little more than the traditional full face masks from Tribord Subea. But I have to say, they really do stand out and look amazing in the water!

Full Face Snorkel Mask Limited Addition

FAQs about the Tribord Easybreath Full Face Dive Mask

Where can I buy a Full Face Snorkeling Mask?

Many online stores provide different options for full face masks.  A lot of the masks that are available seem to be a knock-off or cheaper versions from China.

When selecting a full face snorkel mask, try to go for one with a flat screen. This is because anything with a rounded screen will provide distorted vision underwater, which can sometimes make people feel dizzy.

One of the biggest issues with many of the cheaper versions of the masks is that they are made of cheap plastic and are made of low-quality silicone. In many cases, the snorkel piece can be difficult to remove once it has been attached, which could cause cracking within the mask. There is also very little flexibility within the silicone skirt which can cause discomfort and loosen the seal around the face.

What Size Tribord Easybreath Mask should I Buy?

The Tribord Easybreath 2018 version comes in four different sizes. We would recommend that children over the age of 10, women and teenagers should opt for the S/M size mask, and men should opt for the M/L size.

In order to choose the right size in store, tighten the mask so that it fits against your face. Make sure there is no gap between your chin and the bottom of the mask. You can find more details on choosing the right size mask here.

Why are there only Two Sizes of the Tribord Easybreath 2017 Version?

Because the S/M and M/L sizes cover around 90% of face sizes for people over the age of 10, the brand has decided to discontinue sizes X/S and L/XL. Due to this optimization, they were also able to reduce the price of the Easybreath.

Can you Dive Deep with the Tribord Easybreath Mask?

The Easybreath mask is designed for surface snorkeling, meaning it should not be used for deep diving. There is a much greater volume of air contained within the mask than the traditional masks.

From 1 meter deep, the pressure of the mask will become uncomfortable. When freediving or scuba diving, it is important to equalize the pressure afterward. With the Easybreath mask it is not possible to equalize as you have no access to your nose.

Surface Snorkeling

How does the Dry Top System Stop Water from Entering the Easybreath Mask?

The Dry Top System was developed to stop water getting into the snorkel during chopping water, small waves when on the surface and even when the user leans forwards to look at the seabed.

Inside of the Dry Top System, there is a float within the snorkel which rises each time you dive, blocking the tube. It’s important to remember, after diving, blow out when returning to the surface. This will make sure that the float descends.

How does the Anti-Fogging Concept Work?

The exclusive anti-fogging concept works best in waters over 18°C. The concept is based on the fact that on the fact that fresh air breathed in, is then projected onto the front window before reaching the mouth or the nose.

The moist air that you breathe out is then expelled through the side connections which are made of plastic and silicone. These materials channel the air in the snorkel, making the air constantly renewed. This is actually the same principle as the ventilation of your car windscreen.

Should I take any Precautions with my Easybreath Full Face Mask?

Sand can easily scratch the window of the mask so it’s important to avoid letting your Easybreath mask come into contact with it. Sand can also clog up the float valve inside of the snorkel, which you may then need to use a small object to dislodge. If your mask does come into contact with sand, rinse the mask vigorously.

Can I use the Easybreath Mask if I have a beard?

This is actually a common question. And unfortunately for you, beards can be responsible for letting in significant amounts of water. Subea recommends that men shave their beards before using the Easybreath mask, this is due to the hairs breaking the seal between the silicone skirt of the mask and your skin.

What is the SUBEA brand?

Tribord Diving, now known as Subea is the Decathlon brand which is dedicated to underwater sports such as snorkeling, spearfishing, free diving and scuba diving. For further information on the brand, please visit their website here:

Find all the FAQs about the Easybreath® snorkeling mask right here.



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