Top 10 Best GoPro Filters for Scuba Diving


Top 10 Best GoPro Filters for Scuba Diving

One of the real joys of scuba diving is being able to capture footage of your dive that you can watch back. Perhaps you like to document all of your dives (and who can blame you) so you have a record of all your achievements in scuba diving. Or maybe you want to make sure you don’t miss anything or forget anything.

Whatever the reason for wanting to record your diving experiences, you probably own a GoPro. The incredibly popular action camera is, just that, popular, for a reason – it’s one of the most versatile and high performance, but intuitive and easy to use devices of its kind on the market. It can turn any boring old footage of a simple mountain bike trek feel like a high-octane extreme sports film.

If you have ever used a GoPro camera underwater though, without any filters, you may have had a less than pleasant surprise when you watched the footage back. Because of the water particles and amount of light underwater, even with such a sophisticated piece of kit like a GoPro, you will find that your videos look washed out and nowhere near as attractive as it was in the flesh. At Ocean Scuba Dive, we know of this problem only too well, which is why we invested in some GoPro filters.

How do GoPro Filters Help?

Basically, they can help to correct the images and video footage you take while you are underwater. They do this normally by covering up the washed out green or blue color, or by reintroducing a color that is missing from the spectrum while you are in the deep.

Perhaps you’ve had an interest in buying GoPro filters, but have always felt a little overwhelmed by not only the different brands but the different types of filters. That’s where we come in. We’ve done most of the handwork, so you don’t have to.

Below, you will find our brief guide to the top 10 best GoPro filters. While we know that ultimately, it is down to you and you alone to choose the right filters for you, our reviews will hopefully point you in the right direction. If that wasn’t enough, you will also find some hints and tips to bear in mind when you are ready to buy one.

Top 10 Best GoPro Filters for Scuba Diving

1. PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack (Red, Magenta, Snorkel)

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero7, Hero6, and Hero5

Perhaps you are looking for a money-saving package that can be used in all kinds of different environments, to match the different places you snorkel and scuba dive regularly in. As with all of the packs of filters on this page, the PolarPro does include a red filter (for use in blue or tropical waters) that works most effectively between 15 and 18-feet underwater.

While the magenta filter has been designed specifically for use in waters that are notably greener (again with the ability to work well between 15 and 80-feet). However, if you are ever in more shallow waters, the snorkel filter is ideal for correcting color balance issues and working most effectively at waters between 2 and 15-feet deep.

PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack (Red, Magenta, Snorkel)

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2. GoPro Blue Water Diving Filter

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero5 and Hero6

It seemed only fair that we would highlight at least one product from the action camera makers we all love themselves. This GoPro blue water filter is designed to sit perfectly in the Super Suit housing featured on the Hero5 Black and provides excellent color balance correction for depths between 15 and 70-feet.

Installation is easy and it comes, like many on our list, with a bag (this one includes one made from microfiber) and a tether.

GoPro Blue Water Dive Filter for Super Suit

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3. SANDMARC Aqua Filter For GoPro 

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero4 and 3+

The first filters on our list are from SANDMARC, a company founded and based in San Diego. With this set, you get five different filters suitable for various depths. You get three red filters that can be used to improve the picture quality when diving in blue water, a magenta filter that can be used to improve the quality in water that is greener in color and a yellow filter for taking photographs and filming video footage at night.

Considering it’s only 30 bucks means it is actually a rather good bargain.

SANDMARC Aqua Filter for GoPro

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4. CamKix Compatible Cinematic ND Filter Pack for GoPro Hero 5-4

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero4 and Hero5

With this great pack, you get a filter holder and four different density filters. The ND16, ND8, ND4, and ND2 filters all help to reduce the light coming through the camera’s lens without having an adverse effect on the quality of the image captured. They can also help to wash away the sky’s image which means they are ideal for when you are shooting under extremely bright lighting at lower shutter speeds.

Given the functionality and effectiveness of this pack, we think it’s worth considering, especially at under 20 bucks.

CamKix Compatible Cinematic ND Filter Pack for GoPro

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5. Sruim GoPro Holding Case and Filter

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero6 and Hero5

The first notable thing about the Sruim GoPro Hero 6, 5 holding case and filter is that it has waterproofing that protects it for up to 147-feet or 45-meters. The filters themselves allow you to take your GoPro camera underwater d.5 deeper. It has a red filter that is helpful for when you are filming footage at a depth of lower than 10-feet, to add the red light that is missing from the images at that depth.

While the purple filter helps to reduce the effects of wave refraction and color distortion, to give you footage with a more natural and livelier feel, particularly at nighttime or if the water has a green color.

Sruim GoPro Holding Case and Filter

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6. WoCase GoPro Water Sports Filters

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero4 and Hero3

Next on our list is this set of filters from WoCase that have been designed to fit the Hero 4 and Hero 3. For the relatively low price, you get reasonably good value for money. There’s a total of five different filters, including three reds (for use in blue, tropical waters), a yellow (specifically designed for use at night) and a magenta (for use in green waters).

The three red filters provide suitable image quality alteration for various different depths, 5 to 20-feet, 20 to 50-feet and 50-feet+. You also get a carry case, safety tether and mounting frame for easier use.

WoCase Professional Switchable Lens Filter Set for GoPro

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7. PolarPro Polarizer Filter for GoPro

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero5, Hero6 and Karma Drone

Back with PolarPro for this next item. The thing that makes this particular filter stand out from some of the others on our list is the fact that it not only increases the saturation of color but also reduces the amount of glare to help you capture your diving experiences and findings in stunning quality.

As well as being designed for the Hero6 and Hero5 models of the GoPro, it will also work with the GoPro Gimbal and Karma drones, giving you greater flexibility.

PolarPro Polarizer Filter for GoPro

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8. Freewell Neutral Density Filter Kit 4-Pack for GoPro 

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero5, Hero6, and Hero7

There is a lot to love about this pack of four neutral density filters from Freewell. Not only are they suitable for use with either the GoPro Hero5 and Hero6, but also the Hero7 too. They have an incredibly easy to use Snap-On design which makes them very uncomplicated.

Thanks to the choice of four different filters – ND32, ND16 ND8, and ND4, you have the opportunity to take clearer and more stunning footage at various different depths.

Freewell ND Filter Kit

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9. Lenskin MRC Neutral Density 16 Filter for GoPro

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero5, Hero6, and Hero7

Despite its modest price, the Lenskin MRC neutral density 16 filter is a very durable and premium quality filter. It consists of a Nano coat that features a total of 18 layers that protect it from a variety of different contaminants and water. So, rugged, this most definitely is.

If that wasn’t enough to sell it to you, we should also point out that it features crystal clear quality AGC optical glass from Japan. With a very lightweight build and easy-to-mount design, this is a sophisticated filter for your GoPro that belies its low price tag.

LENSKINS MRC ND16 Filter for GoPro

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10. SOOSUN 3-Pack Dive Filter for GoPro

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Compatible with: GoPro Hero5 and Hero6

The final set of filters on our list is the SOONSUN 3-pack of filters suitable for both GoPro Hero6 and GoPro Hero5 models. It contains a red filter, light red filter and magenta filter. While the red filter is great for proving accurate and precise color balancing in tropical or blue waters between 12 and 75-feet deep, the light red filter is designed for a similar outcome, though it only covers snorkeling depths of between 2 and 15-feet deep.

The magenta filter, as with others on this list, is there to provide color correction in freshwater reservoirs and lakes that often have a green hue to them, particularly when you are underwater. That filter will work best at depths between 12 and 75-feet.

SOONSUN 3 Pack Dive Filter for GoPro

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GoPro Filter Buying Guide

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best filters for GoPro that are available right now, we wanted to also give you some helpful advice and tips so that you can make the choice that’s right for you. The first thing we are best looking at is the different types of filters available:

  • Red Filter – For use in blue waters
  • Magenta Filter – For use in green waters
  • Macro Filter – For use when filming or snapping smaller objects and subjects
  • Switchblade 5 Filter – This filter enables you to switch your red filter between macro lens shooting for smaller subjects and wider-angle lens
  • Polarizing Filter – This can be used to control the level of reflected light
  • Neutral Density Filter – This is used to reduce the shutter speed

Let’s look at them each in greater detail…

Red Filter

Red filters for GoPro are used as compensation for a lacking in red light in underwater scenarios. Why red particularly? Red light is actually the first color that is lost as you get deeper under water. The shift in the light that is available tends to confuse the white balance. So, when you use this red filter it helps to deliver more vibrant and accurate colors for your footage, along with a crucial amount of contrast. As stated before, red filters are designs to be used in blue and tropical waters and tend to be most effective at depths from 10 to 80-feet. (Though it depends on the model you buy)

Magenta Filter

Magenta filters for GoPro cameras are also designed for compensating for a lack of red light. However, they are specifically made to work most effectively in green waters at depths of 10 to 80-feet. As with the above, they also help to improve the contrast along with the actual color of the images and footage you are taking.

Macro Filter

Macro Filters for GoPro Cameras, like the PolarPro model, help to provide greater magnification when you are taking pictures and filming footage of smaller objects and subjects up close. So, those little tiny fish you and mollusks you want to capture as they cling to or swim around a coral reef will look much better with the use of a macro filter. In general, GoPro cameras have a 12-inch focus distance as a minimum.

This means you need to be at least 12-inches or more away from whatever you are shooting to produce sharp and accurate images and video footage. Some macro filters offer focus ranges of around 2 to 18-inches, meaning you can move closer to the subject and still fill your image or footage frame with greater amounts of detail.

Switchblade 5 Filter

Switchblade filters are versatile packages of two of the most popular GoPro filters on the market, macro and red. The great thing is that you can save money on buying both these separately, but also have the benefit of using both at the same time. So, you can shoot smaller objects and subjects at closer range and fill the frame of your images and footage with greater detail, while the red filter helps to correct the altered white balance by adding some much-needed red light into the mix.

Polarizing Filter

If you are more interested in taking beautiful landscape shots with a lot of detail you should consider investing in a polarizing filter. This type of filter for the GoPro does more than just correct the white balance to provide better coloring. It reduces the amount of glare (on rocks, leaves, water etc.) and helps to saturate the colors while adding a good measure of contrast into brighter scenes.

HANDY TIP – When using a polarizing filter, you can check the effect it will have on your images and footage before using it by holding it up to your eye and seeing whether it’s what you need or not.

ND or Neutral Density Filter

ND filters are used on the topside of the GoPro camera and are crucial in a specific image and video situations. These filters assist in allowing you to use much slower shutter speeds, by blocking out a lot of light. Although the GoPro Hero6 has an incredibly fast shutter speed as a default, which is excellent for freezing action with great amounts of clarity, this is not always what you need. For instance, you will find that sometimes, you need a little blur to help enhance the action and create extra movement, or at least the sense of it. Therefore, you can use a neutral density filter to get this kind of result. A great example would be if you are trying to film waves hitting against rocks.

Neutral density filters can also be used effectively when you want to record time-lapse footage. The much slower shutter speeds, known as dragging the shutter, produces a subtle blur, that makes for much smoother transitions through your time-lapse recording. For all you drone owners though, you can also use neutral density filters, as they help decrease the amount of shutter wobble.

Other Considerations to Make

As well as well as choosing the right kind of filter for the environments you mostly dive in and want to film or take images of, there are a few other considerations you need to make when buying GoPro filters. These considerations include:

  • Compatibility
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost


It should come as no surprise that the factor of compatibility is noted in our guide. You’ll notice from a simple Google (or your preferred search engine) search, browse through Amazon listings or even our top 10, that not all GoPro filters are compatible with all GoPro cameras. There have been a series of different action cameras released by the company over the years, and it is important to find the right filters for the right model. That is why we have included that information in our reviews, but it should also be noted in the product descriptions of filters on Amazon.


As there are lots of different filters out there, you need to make sure you make the right choice that will help you with the type of scuba diving and snorkeling you are participating in. Check out our guide above to help you come to the right decision. It is often a good idea to invest in a pack that includes a selection of different types because even if you mainly dive and record in certain types of water, it is sensible to allow for the possibility that you will dive elsewhere.

Ease of Use

When trying to figure out the best GoPro filter for you, you need to find one that is easy enough to use for your level of skill and experience. The filters with ergonomic controls will be a lot easier to manage when you are underwater.


Although it’s true that you shouldn’t base your decision solely on the price when buying anything, not least of all something you are going to use to help take stunning underwater images and recorded footage, it still should be factored in. Have a budget in mind, a realistic one and stick to it. Try not to be seduced by the products with the larger price tags. Just because it is the best on the market with the most sophisticated settings and features, it doesn’t mean it is suitable for your own needs.

Always look to invest in the GoPro filter, therefore, that is the best for the money you have to spend. Another aspect of the cost worth considering is the length of the warranty you are going to get for your money. Work out if you are going to get a valuable enough return on your investment.

In Summary

We realize at Ocean Scuba Dive, that it is not always easy picking out the best GoPro filter from the wide variety available. However, we hope with our reviews of what we feel are definitely 10 of the very best you can buy at the moment, you have a better idea of what you might spend your money on. You should always consider where you are going to be diving, as the type of water plays a huge bearing on the type of filter you need to use.

When in doubt, it’s worth investing in a number of filters, if you are sure you will be diving in different types of water. With our guide, we hope we have been able to explain what each type of filter actually does, in better detail and the different things you need to look out for.

Needless to say, pairing your cutting-edge and extremely slick GoPro action camera with a suitable filter will produce much better and more vivid images and full motion videos. So, you will be able to document your scuba diving and snorkeling experiences like never before.

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