The Best Scuba Fins


The Top 10 Best Scuba Fins

Top 10 Best Scuba Fins

When you first start scuba diving, much like any other new hobby, you are keen to spend as little as you possibly can. Just in case you don’t stick at it or don’t enjoy it as much as you hoped. Because, just like a lot of other specialist hobby equipment, the best dive computers, best scuba masks, best regulators and most part of your scuba diving gear can be quite expensive.

You are probably sick of using crappy, poorly fitting make do rental scuba fins though and who can blame you? If this is one of your big passions in life, it may be time to invest a little more money in it. Buying your own scuba fins, as is the case with buying the best wetsuit for diving or even your very own drysuit, offers many benefits that you just don’t get from rentals.

If you’ve ever looked at the range of scuba fins available on the market you will know that there is quite a variety to choose from. As big a burning passion as you may have for scuba diving and exploring the oceans and seas of the world, you may not want to spend three hours of your life flapping through the various different types of scuba fins there are available.

At Ocean Scuba Dive, we understand and that is why we are here to help. In this post, you will find our choice of the 10 best scuba diving fins available right now.

Top 10 Best Scuba Fins for Diving

1. Aqualung Stratos 3 Full Foot Scuba Fins

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We are starting this list as we mean to continue it, with nothing but top-quality products. The amazing Aqualung Stratos 3 are full foot scuba fins that combine comfort and functionality, without costing an arm and a leg (or fin). These will be of particular interest to anyone that regularly dives in waters with warmer temperatures.

Aqualung have designed the Stratos 3 to have the flex point very close to the front of the foot. This helps you to make full use of the whole fin whenever you kick in the water, meaning you benefit from a superb effort vs. power ratio, so you never have to use too much energy to kick hard. In turn, this means you will be able to have longer dives because you will be consuming air more economically and efficiently.

Aqualung have also ensured that these are comfortable and the material is soft enough that even the toe area, while feeling secure, still feels roomy. The fact that they have been designed and built to a high standard and the relatively low price means that they are one set of scuba diving fins you should give serious thought to.

Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Full Foot Diving Fins

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2. ScubaPro Seawing Nova Open Heel Fins

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There is no question over whether the ScubaPro Seawing Nova open heel fins deserve to be on our list or not. They are one of the best on the market. The issue many of you will have with them, we feel, is that humungous price tag. Even though they may only appeal to the intermediate and advanced divers reading this, they are still one to earmark for later, if they aren’t quite in your price range just now.

ScubaPro have ensured they have an incredibly strong flex point which means it does not require a lot of effort to gain some tasty thrust when you kick. Thanks to the tapered edges of the blades, they will be responsive and effective regardless of the kicking style you are employing. The strapping that sits at the back of your foot has also been made to a high standard and is comfortable, but also feels secure and sturdy. Slipping them on is made easy, despite the lack of a heel section, thanks to the generously sized gripping point.

The fact that you have probably heard of them before clicking through to this post, or that you should have and that they have won a flurry of different awards suggests that if they are in your price range, these are the scuba fins you should invest in.

Scubapro Seawing Nova Open Heel diving Fins

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3. Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Diving Fins

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Over the last few years, Atomic Aquatics have been doing a fine job of producing high-end scuba gear and these fins split fins are no different. The biggest surprise about them though is the price tag. The versatility of these scuba fins is enough to provide the more advanced divers with what they need while still affordable enough for newbies who don’t want to spend too much to start their collection. Split fin varieties like these have been increasing in popularity in recent years and it’s not hard to see why, if you give a pair a go.

Thanks to the flex the provide, they result in a good level of thrust vs exertion. The rubber that they are constructed from is often and nice to wear and won’t cause any irritating chafing like other standard fins that are often used by dive centers for their rental pairs. As we noted at the outset, comfort is an important thing to look for in scuba diving fins. With all of the above in mind, these are worth checking out, regardless of your experience level.


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4. Cressi Frog Plus EBS

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For a very long time, Cressi and their Frog scuba fins have been a go-to for many divers. In their original form, they were a good investment, not with the Frog Plus, that popular model has been upgraded and improved upon. Rather than two materials, the construction involves three. There is the foot pocket made from durable, but flexible rubber which sits under the dual-density polymer blade and extends up alongside the side rails and the channels of the fins is made from a silicone material.

All of which Cressi suggests increases the efficiency and power while performing up and down strokes. Considering the price tag and Cressi’s craftsmanship, these are a great choice for divers of all choice.

Cressi Frog Plus diving Fins

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5. TUSA Solla Open Heel Dive Fins

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TUSA is a manufacturer that have improved their quality and increased in popularity over the last couple of years. These TUSA Solla fins are a surprising, budget buy for anyone who wants a robust pair of fins for a competitive price. They have medium-sized blades and allow for a nice amount of maneuverability and constructed using both soft and hard materials. This offers a nice degree of flex that won’t strain your leg muscles and is easier on your knees than some.

TUSA have also given them a comfortable heel strap that has a design that is very ergonomic and anatomical contours with the back of the foot nicely. This is something open-heel fins should note. Powerful and comfortable, these Solla are a great choice.

TUSA SF-22 Solla Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins

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6. Dive Rite XT Open Heel Scuba Fins

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It’s true that the Dive Rite XT scuba fins do not look quite as good as some of the flashier products on our list. However, they do offer superb performance. Their open heel design, for instance, has one of the robust straps of all we’ve featured.

It has a tough, re-enforced stainless-steel spring that provides a rock-solid build. The actual blades on these fins are medium to stiff and are excellent for frog kicking. This much stiffer design gives a greater amount of power in comparison to those that are more flexible while providing a comfortable foot pocket too.

Dive Rite XT diving fins

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7. ScubaPro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Scuba Fins

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The second set on our list from ScubaPro are these great Twin Jet Open Heel Split scuba diving fins. It has a design that offers a rigid support on the outside, while the most innermost part of the blade stays flexible. This decreases the amount of stress on your knees while you are kicking, but is able to still produce a great amount of thrust. Similarly, to the brand’s aforementioned Seawing Nova, the Twin Jet has a large flex point with a vent that just helps with the ratio of power vs. exertion.

This is especially a great choice of scuba fin for divers who utilize the flutter kit because the split design offers excellent propulsion. When you choose ScubaPro, you know the equipment is going to be made to a high quality, and that’s what you will find with these fins.

Scubapro Twin Jet Max Open Heel Split Fins

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8. Mares X-Stream Open Heel Dive Fins

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From Mares, a company that has a similar level of experience and a similar reputation to ScubaPro comes the X-Stream Open Heel Dive fins, some of the best scuba fins around. These scuba fins could justifiably see as a direct response to the Seawing Nova fins. They have a generous flex point positioned at the foot pocket’s front that helps by relieving the potential stress to your joints as you are trying to get the large blades to push you through the water comfortably and efficiently.

Compared to others, this set of scuba diving fins have vented foot pockets that are among the softest available. These are great for diving in neoprene scuba boots or if you are diving bare feet. Although they are higher in price and therefore best for intermediate or advanced scuba divers, they are among the highest quality when it comes to performance and construction.

Mares X-Stream Open Heel Fins

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9. Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Bungee Strap Fin

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Staying with Mares, the Avanti Quattro Plus open-heel bungee strap fins are worthy of your consideration too. They have a design that combines soft and comfortable channels with stiff plastics provide your kicks with a bit more oomph. These have similar elements with their design to the pair we highlighted at the outset, the Aqualung Stratos 3 and have a comfortable and flexible bungee-style backstrap. This provides you a convenient fin that can be just slipped on and then the strapping holds them firmly, but snugly in place.

Quick and convenient is the aim of things here, and the ratio hard plastics to softer elements create fins that are stiffer than others, but offer tough thrust when you are kicking, due to the large and wide blades.

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Bungee Strap Fin

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10. Aqualung Stratos ADJ Scuba Fins

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It felt right to end our list of the 10 best scuba diving fins with Aqualung again, where we started. The Aqualung Stratos ADJ scuba fins are marketed by the company as a superb choice for divers who are just getting involved in the sport. They are a popular choice for dive centers offering as rental fins which stands as testimony to their durability and the fact that they are suitably built for the purpose.

With the foot pocket and blade both made from dual material, the fins provide the right amount of flexibility and rigidity in all the right places, while the quick-release strap and buckle system is very ergonomic and simplistic to make putting them on and taking them off easily.

Aqualung Stratos ADJ Fins

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Get Your Fins On!

In conclusion, if you have felt overwhelmed in the past by the huge variety of different scuba fins available, we hope this post has helped show you that it’s actually not quite as hard to find a decent pair of fins as you may have already thought.

We have tried to be sympathetic to the different needs, experience and skill levels of all reading this article, as well as the differing budgets. While we would never suggest that you need to pay top dollar for a good quality set of scuba diving fins, there are definitely some high-ticket price items that are worth the extra bucks they cost.

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