Welcome to Project Ocean

by Kirsty Wood
Project Ocean - Saving Our Oceans

Help be the Change

By adopting an animal you can make a difference. With each adoption, you will be contributing funds needed for vital projects and work related to the conservation of the animal you choose. Animal adoption not only makes the perfect gift for any animal lover but you’ll also be protecting precious habitats around the world and all the species which rely on them. We have sourced the best adoptions available online.

Help Support & Clean Our Oceans

We have carefully selected companies and products that are helping the planet and our oceans with their innovative ideas. Each of the following eco-friendly products are things that you can purchase online and support our oceans at the same time. These companies pledge to help, whether this is by removing ocean plastic, recycling fishing nets, planting corals, or simply donating some of their profits to ocean-related conservation.

Make a one-off or recurring donation

The battle to save our oceans is an ongoing endeavor and your donation makes a huge difference. If you’re looking to make a small one-off or monthly donation please take a look at some of the amazing work the guys below are doing.

And of course, a huge shoutout to our ocean heroes around the world

We’d like to give a huge shout out to some of the fabulous teams doing amazing work, from beach cleanups to monitoring illegal fishing, each an every one of them deserves great credit for the difference they’re making.