The Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

What does every scuba diver hope to receive as a present? That’s easy, Scuba diver gifts! In most cases, it’s probably a dive holiday! If that gift in particular is a little above your current pay grade, don’t worry! Here at Ocean Scuba Dive we have got you covered!

If you are looking for cool scuba gifts, great presents for divers or simply just a present for someone who loves the ocean, this list of gifts for divers will have just the thing. I have added in some old and new favorites for all those ocean lovers, along with a mixture of items to suit everyone’s budget and really help you find the best scuba diver gift there is!

Start with Your Local Dive Shop

If you are buying a scuba diving gift for an already certified scuba diver, there is a good chance that they might be known at their local dive shop. Why not take a trip down there to ask if they know the person in question and if they have noticed anything he/she may have had their eye on in the shop. It is a great way to find out exactly what diver gift to get and also to support your local community!

Within the world of diving, there are scuba accessories that every diver needs and then there’s the really cool scuba gifts that we all want! Staff members within the dive shop would be able to help you assemble a scuba gifts set of the necessities. Take a look at the below for some ideas on scuba diving gifts;

  • Defog
  • O-rings
  • A gear-marking pen
  • Mask strap
  • Scuba diver decal

If you have a higher budget, why not look at getting scuba gifts such as a dry bag, dry case or an underwater slate, all which are very useful. Other thoughtful diver gifts would be a dive light or a small tank light.

Scuba diving gifts

Mares Dry Bag Suitcase Black, 10 litre


Evolva Future Technology D02 Scuba Diving Underwater 100M Video / Photography Light Torch Flashlight

Evolva Future Technology D02 Scuba Diving Underwater Light Torch Flashlight

Gifts for Beginner Scuba Divers

If your scuba diver gift is for someone that loves the idea of scuba diving but hasn’t yet had the chance to try it, the best scuba diving gift would be a dive experience. Some divers would actually prefer a scuba diver gift experience given the choice over other things. I understand that. For these type of people, ask your local diver center if they offer private classes or what dive excursions they have available.

Gift Vouchers for Discover Scuba Diving® Session

Ask your local dive centre if they offer any gift cards or vouchers for dive courses or Discover Scuba Diving® pool sessions. This will allow your special someone to Dive In and get their passion for the underwater world started, which is ultimately the best scuba diving gift.

If you have a holiday coming up or just know that the person you are buying for has always wanted to do a diving certification then this is the perfect gift for them! Why not surprise then with a scuba diver gift experience. PADI offer an array of online eLearning courses all the way up to Divemaster or Instructor. Gift passes can be customized and redeemed at any PADI® Dive Center or Resort worldwide.

Gifts for Advanced Scuba Divers

Good scuba divers are constantly learning. Why not treat your advanced diver to their next certification? Or even a specialty course? Advance scuba divers are always looking for the next best thing. Whether this be the best dive location or the newest dive computer. Whatever your budget, there will be something scuba related that they would love to receive as a scuba gift!

Treat Them to Their Next Scuba Diving Adventure

Having already experienced the thrills of exploring the underwater world, certified divers will know that there is so much more to discover. Help your scuba diver improve their skills by treating them to another PADI dive course, making a great scuba diver gift.

Digital Underwater Photographer Course

If you have ever noticed that diver friend who shares underwater photos or videos, they might love something photography related. If they haven’t already, why not treat them to a Digital Underwater Photography Course? Or maybe a new GoPro camera? If they already have one of these they might like a floating handle for it. Or better yet – some cool scuba gear like a telescoping, floating pole for shooting those hard to reach places.

Scuba T-shirts and other Clothing

One of the best things about being a scuba diver, is telling people that you’re a scuba diver. Why not help get that conversation started with a unique piece of clothing like this I Breathe Underwater What’s your Superpower tee? Or this cool Dive Dive Dive Hoodie? Some of the best and most affordable scuba diving gift ideas are clothing.

For something a little more subtle, why not treat them to some ocean themed jewellery. Or for the men, some cool Scuba gifts cuff links.

Best gifts for divers

Evolution of a scuba diver t shirt Black shirt


Best gifts for scuba divers gift

I Love Scuba Diving Socks


HotScamp Dive Dive Dive - Womens Baseball Top

HotScamp Dive Dive Dive – Womens Baseball Top

Great Scuba Gift Ideas for Kids

If you’re the adventurous uncle or auntie who wants to share your love for everything scuba but your niece or nephew area little too young for a Bubblemaker Experience, why not treat them to a scuba diver gift that is something ocean related to get their interests peaked?

Take over bath time with some awesome ocean rubber bath toys or treat them to something they can show off at school with like this Shark School Bag, check out the below for some more great presents for divers in the making!

Kids Fish Tail Knitted Blanket

Kids Fish Tail Knitted Blanket


JSTEL Kids School Backpack

JSTEL Kids School Backpack

Air Swimmer Shark or Clownfish

Air Swimmer Shark or Clownfish

Scuba Diving Gifts for the Home

Let’s face it, us divers are happiest when under the water. But we all know that we can’t dive 24/7, unfortunately.  So why not help your diver friend or relative bring their love for scuba back home with them with a great scuba diving gift like this awesome mermaid blanket. These awesome scuba gift ideas for the home are great for any ocean lover! Take a look at some of the other things we came across online below;

Joykey Keychain 1 Pair Whale Shape Couple Keyring

Keychain 1 Pair Whale Shape Couple Keyring


You're My Lobster Funny Novelty Gift Mug

You’re My Lobster Funny Novelty Gift Mug


Shark Fin Ice Tray

Shark Fin Ice Tray


Tentacuddle Wrap

Tentacuddle Wrap

Awesome Gift Ideas for Shark Lovers

Scuba divers are often shark lovers. Let’s face it, they are the spokespeople for sharks. I love sharks. I mean I tell people all the time that the ocean gets it’s saltiness from misunderstood sharks tears. Any who… I for one would not complain if I was to end up with a pair of I Love Sharks socks or a shark stapler as a present, they make great gifts for scuba diver!

For other divers who may have a little more mature sensibility, I really love this Shark iPhone case. If you are planning a scuba diving themed party, this set of shark shot glass are so cool!

Maybe you aren’t sure if your recipient likes sharks? It won’t matter, as we can assure you after staring long enough at this great hypnotic wall clock they will love them!

For some more scuba diver gifts for shark lovers take a look at the below;

Shark Plush Slippers for Grown Ups

Shark Plush Slippers for Grown Ups


Shark Kigurumi

Shark Kigurumi

Awesome Gift Ideas for Whale and Dolphin Lovers

Maybe the recipient of your scuba diving gift prefers whales or Dolphins? I mean, that’s another thing that all of us scuba divers love about the ocean! These Whale butt magnets make cute and cheap scuba diving gift ideas. Or maybe something else for the home like this super cute turquoise beluga patterned cushion. Whatever you decide to buy as your scuba diving gift I am sure if it has a whale or dolphin on it, they will love it!

Take a look at some other great gifts for scuba diver who love whales and dolphins;

Ice Cream Nomwhal - Rainbow Sherbet Exclusive

Ice Cream Nomwhal – Rainbow Sherbet Exclusive


Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers Who Love to Travel

Scuba diving often requires an element of travel, and with that, most scuba divers love to see different parts of the world. So why not incorporate travel into their scuba diving gift! Every traveler needs a water bottle and this Eat Sleep Dive bottle is a great to add to their cool scuba gear!

Surprise them with the gift of inspiration with one of the best gifts for scuba divers, a Best Dive Sites on a World Map

Best Dive Sites on a World Map for Divers

Best Dive Sites on a World Map for Divers

Every traveler needs a travel bag, and this one has a whale shark on it! Enough said.

Best gifts for scuba divers

Whale Shark Duffle Bag

Give the Gift of Giving

This has got to be a favorite of mine and one of the best scuba diving gift there is. The gift of giving. Forget all the materialistic stuff, why not make that special someone’s day by adopting their favorite marine animal or making a donation in their name. Check out some of the amazing things you can do today.

Adopt a Whale Shark

Use this special time to give back to our oceans by adopting a whale shark for your ocean lover. Help support the Maldives Whale Shark Research Program (MWSRP) and the Shark Trust foundation with your gift. The Shark Trust is a well-respected advocate for shark protection which is working to safeguard shark, skate and ray populations.

Contributions start from just £20 GBP and range from standard to higher levels. Your scuba diver will receive an adoption pack which is presented in a shark illustrated A4 folder, including a personal certificate and other items which would make a lovely gift set and a great scuba diver gift.

Make a Donation to Project Aware

If that special someone loves sharks, what better way to surprise them by making a donation in their name to Project Aware. Project Aware are a dedicated community support network which helps marine life thrive without the deadly threats of marine debris, overfishing, by catch and unregulated trade. Each contribution goes towards the protection of oceans, removal of marine debris and the protection of sharks and rays all around the world. A great scuba diver gift for those who love ocean conservation.

There’s more! If you make a donation today, it will be doubled by PADI up to 20,000 USD. Another awesome thing about this charity, if you are an user please bookmark this link. Amazon have teamed up with Project Aware to help support their cause by bringing you AmazonSmile.

By using the above like, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Project Aware whenever you shop. It’s the same as Amazon, just extra awesome for ocean advocates!

For more great gifts for scuba diver who wish to give back, check out our Project Ocean Page.

Gift Cards for Scuba Divers

If you are really stuck for choice, or as many of us do, have left things until last minute, don’t worry. Still got you covered. With a wide selection of extensive diving and scuba gear around the world you won’t be able to go wrong with a Scuba Gift Card to let your recipient find themselves the best scuba diving gift.

Lesisure Pro Gift Card

LesisurePro have some of the most trusted brands known to all kinds of scuba divers. Along with all the essentials and also some great deals, your scuba diver will be able to find their perfect gift with their Gift Card from brands such as Cressi, Mares and ScubaPro all thanks to you!

SimplyScuba Gift Card

SimplyScuba have stock for every type of diving style for every dive location. Their huge range of stock differs from fins, wetsuits and mask to regulators, BCDs and dive computers along with everything else that comes in between. Get your SimpleScuba Gift Card today to surprise that scuba diver!

So there you have it, whether you are looking for ideas for a scuba themed party, want to find whale themed gifts or are just looking for the best scuba diver gift out there! We hope we have given you some inspiration and that this list helps you find the perfect scuba diver gift!

Happy shopping and of course, happy diving!

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