The Best Liveaboard Dive Trips & Scuba Diving Cruises

Looking for some inspiration for your next scuba trip? We take a look at some of the best ranked liveaboard dive trips and scuba cruises available around in the world.

1. Raja Ampat Liveabord Trips, Indonesia

Year on year, Raja Ampat often recieves the name “diver’s paradise”, and there’s no wonder as to why. The Indonesian archipelago is home to an array of amazing marine wildlife, beautiful crystal clear waters, and smaller groups of scuba divers.

Due to it’s location, transportation costs tend to take up the bulk of your trip. Which is why it is renowned for its exclusivity, due to budget reasons and also logistical reasons. Which is why the best way to dive the crystal clear waters of Raja Ampat is by liveaboard accomodation.

With a wide variety of liveaboard trips to choose from, anything between a simpler boat with dormitory style rooms to a much more luxurous option with as many amenities as you could want. We have narrowed it down to the 10 best Raja Ampat liveaboard dive trips. 

Dive Cape Kri, Raja Ampat, Indonesia