The Best Liveaboard Dive Trips & Scuba Diving Cruises

Looking for some inspiration for your next scuba trip? We take a look at some of the best ranked liveaboard dive trips and scuba cruises available around in the world.

1. Raja Ampat Liveabord Trips, Indonesia

Year on year, Raja Ampat often recieves the name “diver’s paradise”, and there’s no wonder as to why. The Indonesian archipelago is home to an array of amazing marine wildlife, beautiful crystal clear waters, and smaller groups of scuba divers.

Due to it’s location, transportation costs tend to take up the bulk of your trip. Which is why it is renowned for its exclusivity, due to budget reasons and also logistical reasons. Which is why the best way to dive the crystal clear waters of Raja Ampat is by liveaboard accomodation.

With a wide variety of liveaboard trips to choose from, anything between a simpler boat with dormitory style rooms to a much more luxurous option with as many amenities as you could want. We have narrowed it down to the 10 best Raja Ampat liveaboard dive trips. 

Dive Cape Kri, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

2. Similan Liveabord Trips, Thailand

Looking for a liveaboard option on a budget? Out of all the liveaboard trips available around the world, a Similan Island liveaboard is quite possible one of the most best valued, and affordable options.

The vast majority of the liveaboards that pass by the beautiful Similan islands stop at the best scuba diving locations in the Andaman sea within the space of a week. There are also so many budget-friendly options for people on a tight budget or backpackers!

If you’re traveling with non-divers or beginngers there are also options for you! There are also choices of longer cruises which take you to the Surin Islands, home to some great dive spots for both beginners and snorkelers.

In comparison to the Surin Islands, the diving locations around the Similan Islands are more recommended for the more advance divers as there are stronger currents and also deeper dive locations.

Similan Liveabord Trips, Thailand

3. Komodo Island Liveabord Trips, Indonesia

Planning on visiting the Komodo Islands in Flores, Indonesia? Liveabord is by far the best way to experience this breathtaking location. The Komodo Islands are know not only for the dragons who reside there, but also the amount of amazing dive locations it offers.

With a great biodiversity of large marine species, including hammerheads, and beautiful surroundings in all directions, a Komodo liveabord trip is a must-do dive location for any scuba diver.

The majority of liveaboards sailing around the Komodo Islands are Phinisi ships, which will add to your overall experience and give you an out of this world feeling.

Although the Komodo Islands isn’t the most budget destination, you’ll get a whole lot of bang for your buck. Even the most affordable options are super comfortable and well-designed for scuba diving, snorkeling, and the most important thing – relaxation.

Komodo Island Liveabord Trips, Indonesia

4. Maldives Liveabord Trips, Indian Ocean

If you are on the look out for one of the best liveabord trips available, you just can’t miss out on the incredibly beautiful scuba diving locations found in the Maldives.

The Maldives aren’t just for honeymooners, this group of tropical islands are most famous for secluded white sand beaches and, of course, the amazing marine biodiversity, making it a perfect spot for us scuba divers!

The Maldives atolls offer clear warm waters, colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine animals. And guess what the main attraction for scuba divers is? Whale Sharks.

From pristine white beaches to whale sharks, there really is no doubt that a Maldives liveaboard trip would be perfect for any scuba diver or snorkeler to experience an unforgettable scuba diving vacation.

Maldive Liveabord Trips, Indian Ocean

5. Galapagos Island Liveabord Trips, Ecuador

The Galapagos is the perfect travel destination for more advanced scuba divers due to the strong currents and deeper dive spots located around the islands. These islands offer so many types of dive sites and diving conditions which only adds the sense of adventure, which is why this dive location is often found on many divers bucket lists.

With 17 islands waiting for you to to explore, we recommend booking one of these best Galapagos Island liveaboard trips. Its the smartest and all round best way to explore the biodiversity of this outstanding and tropical region.

With such clear blue waters, you don’t even need to be a scuba diver to swim with some of the marine wildlife because even snorkeling gets you up close. The liveaboards cruising around the Galapagos Islands offer plenty of luxury cruises, perfect for non-divers.

There are also itineraries that let you explore all of the beauty of nature both underwater and on land. So if you are looking for somewhere where you can go looking for sea lions, dive with hammerheads, eagle rays and other creatures unique to this area, what are you waiting for?

Galapagos Island Liveabord Trips, Ecuador

6. Croatia Snorkeling Liveabord Trips, Europe

If you’re looking for Liveabord trips in Europe, then Croatia is the perfect place for you.  This increasingly popular European summer vacation destination is located on the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia is famous for its crystal clear waters, beautiful traditional towns, and of course, its breathtaking views. Although you won’t be able to find some of the best scuba diving liveabord trips here, its the best location for combining both snorkeling with sightseeing. 

The liveabords available in Croatia are actually more like cruises, which gives you that touch of luxury, all for an affordable price. So if you are looking to explore some of Europes charm and love to snorkel, the best Croatia liveaboard snorkeling trips will be a perfect fit.

Croatia Snorkeling Liveabord Trips, Europe