Best Scuba Diving Accessories

So you have all the essential scuba diving equipment; Wetsuit, check. Dive regulator, check and so on. But what about diving accessories? Cool dive gadgets, computers and awesome looking gear is great, but there are certain must have equipment for saftey of yourself and the marine environment you are diving in.

So, let us help you get the best out of your dives and ensure you a safe and relaxing experience. With our buying guides, and how-to posts you’ll be ready to hit the water in know time with all of the things you need to make your dive experience even more amazing.

The scuba accessories you need all depend on your level of scuba diving. From safety strobe lights and GPS emergency devices for all divers to more specific instructor level accessories you must have in order to teach others.

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Here are the best scuba diving accessories and must-haves for any scuba diver who wants more out of each dive.

Best Dive Computers & Watches

With major upgrades in technology over the last decade, confusing dive tables are slowly becoming obsolete. Not only are they easily subject to human error, but they’re a difficult part of scuba gear to understand for beginners.

Dive computers are now commonly used among both beginners and professionals and are now part of basic PADI open water courses around the world and also a life saving piece of scuba diving gear.

With a huge range of price points and features available, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Fear not, we’ve reviewed what we feel are the top 10 best dive computers on the market to help you find the best computer for diving that fits both your budget and needs.

The Best Dive Computers

Best Scuba Dive Knives

Although dive knives are not an essential piece of scuba gear, a diving knife can help save your life in an emergency situation and even become a useful tool underwater. For many professional divers, this is certainly one piece of scuba gear that is definitely better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Just like all other scuba diving gear, there are so many options and designs to choose from. Dive knives range in materials, different types of blades and also in prices. Where serrated blades are useful in some environments, blunt tip blades may be a better option for you. There is also the foldable or fixed blade design to think about. So many choices, we know.

Don’t worry. To help you find one that suits your needs and budget we have reviewed the best diving knives for you. Here you will also find a dive knife buying guide which also explains the different blade options available to you.

The Best Dive Knives

Best GoPro Filters for Scuba Diving

So you have all the scuba gear, and now you have invested in a pricey new GoPro. You’ve been diving and spotted a beautiful manta gliding past your dive, the perfect chance for you to try your underwater videography skills. Awesome. You get back on land, watch the footage back and are a little disappointed with the footage.

Because of the water particles and amount of light underwater, even with such a sophisticated piece of kit like a GoPro, you’ll find that your videos look washed out and nowhere near as attractive as it was in the flesh.

We know of this problem only too well, which is why we’ve reviewed the best GoPro Filters for diving to make sure you get the most out of your scuba diving equipment and time underwater!

Bring your underwater clips to life with some of these filter options. Ranging in different prices from the professional to entry level divers, there is something for everyone.

The Best GoPro Filters for Diving

Best Dive Lights

So now you are a certified diver you are eager to start exploring every inch of your new underwater world. It won’t be long until you are diving down and exploring underwater caves and shipwrecks or searching for cool things to find or photograph in between those tiny gaps and cracks in rock formations and coral reefs.

And in order for you to do just that, you’ll need a good quality dive light or underwater flashlight to add to your collection of scuba gear.

Just like all other diving accessories, there’s a wide variety of different underwater flashlights out there to choose from. So to help you find the best dive light we have reviewed the top options for you to take a look at.

Best Dive Light Review

Best Dive Gear Bags

When you are packing for a dive vacation, you’ll need a dive bag to keep all your gear protected and together during air travel but also once you arrive at your destination.

Traveling with your dive gear means having a protective case during air travel and a mesh bag that can handle wet conditions once you reach your dive site. With many different options of gear bags available, we’ve put together the best dive bags for you to choose from.

So get ready for your next dive trip, whether it be a liveaboard, normal part of your vacation or a new experience altogether. With one of these bags, you can ensure that your gear will be protected, organized and ready for you to jump in the water for your next dive experience.

Best Dive Gear Bags

Best Scuba Diving Books

Are you looking for your next scuba diving location? Perhaps you want to find out more about that beautiful fish you saw on your last dive? For scuba diving inspiration, you should think about investing in some good scuba diving books. 

From fish identification, scuba skills and safety advice to bucket list diving locations, we’ve reviewed the best scuba diving books that deserve a place on your book shelf. So brush up on your diving knowledge, or distract yourself during your surface interval with a great book about diving.

To help you find your next best read, we’ve reviewed all different types of dive books. So whether you are looking for educational books to help improve your diving skills, real life stories from divers all over the world or want to learn all about the different marine life that lives below the surface. Our reviews will have the perfect book for you.

Best Diving Books

Best Diving Action Cameras

Telling your friends and family about your dive experience is great, but imagine having the tools to be able to show them exactly what it was like on your dive. Having an action camera to film your dive is the best way to do just this.

Just like everything nowadays, there are so many different options to choose from. We’ve reviewed the best of the best when it comes to action cameras for scuba diving to help you find the best camera for your next dive.

With our helpful beginners guide to underwater video, photography tips and advice and of course the best diving action camera, you’ll be shooting those hero shots to show off to everyone in no time.


Best Reef Safe Sunscreen

We all know how important it is to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun, especially when we are swimming the ocean. But did you know that many sunscreens that we use to do just that, actually harm the coral reef and marine life around us?

It’s true. But don’t worry, you don’t have to avoid wearing sunscreen as there are now many varieties of reef safe sunscreen, which is great news for us scuba divers! We’ve put together a list of the best selling reef safe sunscreens to get you ready for your next dive trip.

Protect yourself and the marine life around you on your next dive or snorkeling adventure with a sunscreen perfect for everyone and everything.

Reef safe Sunscreen

Best Scuba Magazines

Ever been stuck on things to do during your surafce interval? We have all been there. Waiting to get back into the water to continue your dive. But fear not, we have just the thing for you! Scuba diving magazines are great for passing that time between dives.

You might think that dive magazines are dead because of the new social media world, but you would be mistaken! Although some magazines are keeping up with the trends of “digitalness” and can be found online, a nice read of a dive magazine is a great way of getting up to speed with the world of scuba diving.

We’ve reviewed the best of the best and listed the best scuba diving magazines throughout the world, so you can read real-life stories, see the newest scuba gear and check out the beautiful photography from users all over the world, during the times when you’re not underwater.

Diving Mags

Best Scuba Diving Cameras

Shooting the greatest underwater photography starts by finding the right camera. No matter what kind of underwater photography you are looking to get into, it’s important to find a camera that suits both yourself and your style of scuba diving.

Show off the underwater world to friends and family by investing in one of the best underwater cameras currently on the market. Being able to take amazing shots of macro life, huge schools of fish and those once in a lifetime experiences is a must for any diver.

With our guides on photography for beginners, you’ll be joining the pros in no time with all kinds of underwater photographs. It’s also a great way of documenting you dive and all of the marine life you encounter whilst under the waves.

Diving cameras for Scuba