Best Ocean Gifts & Ideas

When you are on a mission to find the perfect ocean gifts for someone you love, we are here to help. We have sourced and reviewed the best ocean gifts on the market, and thoughtfully placed them into ocean-themed categories to help you find the most heartfelt, perfectly suited present for your recipient (or even for you!).

So go ahead and find our curated collection of ocean-themed gift ideas, perfect for celebrating birthdays, Valentine’s day,  holidays, throwing shark week parties and even dedicated marine life days and events such World Turtle Day! – the list goes on.

Turtle, shark, dolphin, ocean lovers… Prepare to be inspired.

Is Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

Wrapping presents is one of those things that tends to start off as an enjoyable task, but soon turns into a tedious job when you realize that the dent in your “needs-to-be-wrapped” pile isn’t getting any smaller.

But is wrapping paper good for the planet?

When you’re choosing your wrapping paper this year, whichever pattern or design you decide to pick, there’s a good chance that it contains plastic. This means that it probably can’t be recycled, and just like most plastic products, it’ll be on the planet for a very long time and could end up in our oceans.

Where is the plastic in wrapping paper I hear you ask? Well, wrapping paper is often lined with a plastic membrane which helps protect the paper making it more resistant to tearing. Great for passing the parcel, but not great for marine life.

Is Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Alternatives

We love being able to wrap presents for loved ones to build up the anticipation of the whole gift-receiving process, so rather than ditching the wrapping of presents altogether, here are some alternatives.

We can guarantee that your ocean lover will appreciate the extra effort and thoughtfulness you have put into their gift!

1. Opt for Uncoated Recycled Materials

If you want to stick to the traditional wrapping paper there are options out there that are made from recycled materials and are uncoated. These make great alternatives to the plastic membrane found in normal wrapping paper.

2. Try Brown Wrapping Paper

Using brown parcel paper is an old retro trend that has made a comeback when it comes to wrapping gifts. And we have to say, we love it. Because it’s made out of paper, you can decorate it using pens and pencils too.

3. Newspapers

Newspapers are another great alternative to using normal plastic-lined wrapping paper. We feel that the design has an artistic feel to it. Why not jazz up an old newspaper using ink stamps?

4. Furoshiki Material

Another great way to wrap gifts and presents is a recent trend called  Furoshiki, which is a traditional Japanese style of wrapping gifts. This involves using a piece of cloth around a gift.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Alternatives