12 Reasons Why You Should Become A Scuba Diver

Have you ever pictured yourself scuba diving? Or even wondered what is scuba diving? Well if you have, you just earned some extra points from us. Scuba diving is freakin’ awesome. Like…really, really awesome. If you’ve been thinking about it and haven’t yet taken the plunge, here is a list of the top 12 reasons to learn how to scuba dive.

1. See the World

Why should I learn how to scuba dive? Great question. There are so many different reasons why people love scuba diving. When you learn how to scuba dive, the world really becomes your oyster. To put this into perspective; If the Earth is 71 percent water, just imagine how many different places you can explore whilst diving. If your goal is to “see the world” then you’ll need to learn to scuba dive.

2. Escape the Stress of Everyday Life

Diving is one of the best ways to meditate and relax. Different studies have shown that the ocean can calm overactive or anxious minds. Think about it, have you ever seen a fish tank in a doctor or dentist surgery? Exactly. There are no phone calls to answer or e-mails to respond to underwater. Your attention is focused on your steady breathing and the beautiful sights you can see through your mask whilst scuba diving. Enjoy the view!

3. You are able to Breathe Underwater!

On a daily basis, most of us don’t pay attention to our breathing. However, it is a very different story when we are submerged in water. Seen by many as claustrophobic, the feeling of being able to breathe underwater is actually quite liberating. That first unsure breath you take on your first dive is truly a remarkable experience. After all, breathing underwater is practically a superpower, right?

4. Learn a New Language

Believe it or not, scuba diver’s have their very own sign language! Since divers are unable to speak underwater, they have come up with hand signals to communicate to one another. This means, that by the time you have completed your certification course, you will be fluent in a new language. An added bonus? These hand signals can double as dance moves. At least for us…

5. Challenge Yourself

Scuba diving comes with its own set of skills and fears which you will need to overcome. It can be a bit of a dangerous sport, so these skills become rather important for avoiding nasty incidents and stuff. Not to worry, everything from learning how to equalize your ears and practicing safe ascension is all part of making you an expert in a whole new area and will soon become second nature.

6. Develop a True Love for the Environment

On each dive, you will learn something new. Being a scuba diver will continuously want you to enrich your knowledge of the underwater world, which will lead to you changing your perspective towards marine life and their behaviors. You will eventually learn to appreciate the ocean and gain a sense of an environmental need to protect its beauty and all those that live within it.

7. One-up your Friends on Social Media

While your co-workers and friends are back home staring at their computer screens, dreaming they were someplace else. You’ll be able to make them jealous with your awesome underwater pics and dive stories. Oh yes! One-up your friends on social media by sharing your dive experiences and save everyone from that one person who is always going on about their marathon running!

8. Make new friends

Like most hobbies or sports, scuba diving has quite the community and by learning how to dive, you will become a part of that. Let me explain a little something about us. We are very hyper people. Meaning bouncing off the walls, way too many cups of coffee, wanting to do it all, kind of people. But we are also very friendly! Divers will never venture into the blue without their buddy, so it works out a great opportunity to make some new friends!

9. Sounds so damn awesome

Let’s think about this for a minute… How many people can call themselves certified scuba divers? Ohhh me me me! How awesome does that sound? This community of awesomeness is looking for new members and all you need on your application is the desire to dream, dive and discover.

10. Marine life is fascinating

We all know that exploring new places on land can be pretty cool, but finding a new world underwater seems to be a little cooler. Every dip into the big blue ocean will lead to new adventures. From tropical waters to cold kelp beds, you will be wide-eyed, and amazed at the entirely new underwater universe. Swimming above, below or alongside some of the world’s craziest looking, smallest animal in the ocean or even the biggest creatures in the sea is just pure magic.

11. It never gets boring

With so many different dive locations scattered all over the world, you will never get bored of diving. And I mean never. Each dive site offers its unique array of marine life and dive conditions. Wreck dives, caves, abandoned artifacts some of the things that await to be discovered, and who else better to find them than you! Due to rising currents, constant changes in weather conditions and the seasons that come and go, every dive you ever do for the rest of your life will show you a different side of the big blue. Scuba diving is never boring and always exciting. Now how freakin’ cool is that?

12. Get Certified!

Well, what are you waiting for? You really should learn how to scuba dive. Check out PADI Learn to Dive page to help you get started.

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  1. Chris says :Reply

    Love your article! Always good to see someone so passionate about the hobby as I am. Becoming a scuba diver can be life changing.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Chris! I am glad that my passion for Scuba diving is coming across in my writing 🙂 It really is life changing like you mention.

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