Best Scuba Diving Magazines

The Best Scuba Diving Magazines in the World

In today’s world, everything seems to be based around social media, the collective of online comms channels purely dedicated to community-based input, content sharing, interaction and also collaboration. Now you may think magazines are dead because of this new world, but you would be mistaken!

Although some magazines are keeping up with the trends of “digitalness” and are website based, a nice read of that perfect dive magazine is a way of taking some time to dive in and read about features and local information for any scuba diving enthusiast. Ocean Scuba Dive have had a look at the best scuba diving magazines available around the world and put together this list of our Top 8 Scuba Diving Magazine or if magazines aren’t for you, check out our best scuba diving books instead.

1. Scuba Diving Magazine (Global)

Scuba Diving Magazine

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Scuba Diving magazine is one of the leading scuba magazine for scuba divers wanting the ultimate dive experiences and who truly live to dive. Each issue of this dive magazine offers breathtaking underwater photographs, great and expert scuba tips, gear reviews, the best travel information and so much more, suited for scuba divers of all levels.

At the moment US based people are able to subscribe to this scuba magazine at an offered price of $14.97 for the whole year (offer price as of 12/01/18). For those living in Canada, the subscription would cost $23.97 and for everyone else internationally, $34 for the year.

2. Scuba Magazine (UK)

Scuba Magazine UK

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Scuba is the official dive magazine of the biggest dive club in Britain, BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club). Keeping up with the trend, this excellent magazine is actually available to purchase both online and as a paper copy. It is published on a monthly basis which allows us scuba divers to always be up to date with the latest and greatest.

This scuba diving magazine offers some great content, including articles about scuba equipment, different dive locations and also some interesting facts that divers should all know!

If you are living in the UK, the subscription of this dive magazine is less than £50 for a whole year, great for value eh? Or even better! Become a member of BSAC and receive a paper copy delivered to your door every month!

Although Scuba is a dive magazine written by professional writers, they have an awesome contributor section. This allows scuba divers from all over the world to send in their real life scuba stories for readers to enjoy! The best thing about it, is that it is a great scuba diving magazine aimed at scuba divers of all levels of experience.

3. Dive Magazine (Global)

Dive Magazine

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Dive magazine has been published for more than 20 years and now offers a digital version of online resources making it available to divers all around the world.

Subscribers are able to keep up to date with the latest scuba news and the best travel offers and deals around the world with this magazine. It is full with great photography and articles written by leading experts and journalists.

People living within the UK are able to subscribe to just the print editions, or also have the choice to take out a digital subscription which accesses Dive’s full electronic archive, dating back 6 years! Single issues of the print editions can be ordered online and sent anywhere in the world. The digital subscription costs just £9.99 per year.

4. Sport Diver Magazine (EMEA and USA)

Sport Diver Magazine

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Sport Diver magazine, available on both sides of the Atlantic is another very popular dive magazine. Not only does it offer the normal scuba gear reviews it also has sections focused on news and conservation and underwater photography, making it a great scuba magazine for everyone!

Offering a whole section purely dedicated to dive gear, you will be able to find out what the best brands are available and also the most up to date offers and trendy gear out there. Learn about the latest news and information of the dive world online, by navigating easily through their website. Featuring some awesome pictures, you will also be able to find your next scuba diving adventure with offers featured for the best deals to help you achieve the most out of your next dive holiday.

A yearly subscription for this scubamagazine will cost $49.87 in the US or £24.98 in EMEA. Not only will you receive your copy of Sport Diver Magazine, which includes the world’s best diving, liveaboards and resorts special issue, you will also be able to access a variety of great extras! These include, savings on travel, dive training, scuba gear and even more! You will get a personalized membership card and be invited to member’s only dive events around the world.

5. Diver Magazine (Canada)

Diver Magazine Canada

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Diver magazine is just perfect for those based in North America and Canada, or even people looking to dive in within those areas. This scubamagazine happens to be the longest standing scuba diving magazine in North America and was founded back in 1974. Famous for its A-listed group of contributors, which includes some of the world’s best underwater photographers and also veteran writers, is what makes this magazine favourable to scuba divers around the globe.

The magazine is offered in both paper copy and online via their website, perfect for keeping up to date with the lasts news. The price for a 1 year subscription if you are based in Canada, includes 8 copies and will cost $25. The same subscription will cost a little bit more for those living in the US. You will receive the same amount of copies but the price will be $35. For everyone else based elsewhere around the world, this subscription will cost $85.

6. Diver Magazine (UK)

Diver UK Magazine

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Diver magazine is a long-running UK based scuba diving magazine, which is not to be confused with the previous Canadian Diver magazine as they are both different. Diver UK covers each and every aspect of the scuba diving industry. If you are interested in the newest, top of the range gear, then there is no doubt that this is the perfect dive magazine for you!

This scuba magazine specialises in surveys, scuba gear testing and diving holiday destinations, it also features advances in both techniques and technology. It really does have it all! is the official Diver magazine website, which has a great feature allowing you to access the Diver magazines archives where you can find magazines dating back to 1995!

If you are looking for a paper version of this dive magazine it will cost between £25.99 and £59.99 for UK based divers. Oversea scuba divers will pay similar rates minus the airmail rates.

7. Alert Diver Online, DAN Magazine (Global)

Alert Diver Magazine

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Alert Diver Online is a dive magazine which belongs to DAN (Divers Alert Network). DAN is known to be the biggest dive association to scuba diving safety and has been serving scuba divers for over 30 years now. This awesome scuba magazine can be accessed for free via the online website and is now available on Amazon for free too! This is DAN’s way of ensuring that the importance of medical and safety information is available to everyone throughout the diving community.

Complete with fascinating articles, interesting information and some phenomenal photographs, this dive magazine is ideal for everyone. Paper copies are also available and are produced 4 times a year to all DAN members.

The individual membership cost for DAN includes many benefits and costs $35 a year. You will also receive your paper copy of the Alert Diver magazine, an emergency medical evacuation assistance and also have access to DANs insurance services.

8. Undercurrent Magazine (Global)

Happy Reading

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Undercurrent magazine has been published for 42 years. This consumer newsletter was brought together with the idea of putting forthright and honest information about resorts, equipment, liveaboards and everything scuba related. As a nonprofit organization, the publication does not accept advertisements and only receives revenue from its subscribers.

The Undercurrent magazine is now only available online. The content provided is full of articles written from experiences, which are not only insightful but accurate and useful too. The best part is that subscribes are also welcome to write their own dive trip reviews which will be posted immediately.

For a 7 month trial subscription this dive magazine will cost $19. The subscription also includes access to e-Books and all previous online issues. If you are not happy with your first subscription for any reason, then you are able to get a full refund and keep the e-Books!

For the times that you aren’t underwater – Happy reading!

Just like us at Ocean Scuba Dive, these magazines want to create a community of like-minded people and ocean enthusiasts. We offer some awesome content and aim to share the greatest, weirdest and coolest stuff about our big blue and everything scuba related! Make sure to leave your comments below and check out our Scuba blog for more great stuff!

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