4Ocean Bracelet

Remove 1 pound of rubbish from the Ocean by purchasing this bracelet.




This bracelet is made from 100% Recycled Materials. Each bead is made from recycled glass bottles and the cords are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Each bracelet purchased will fund the removal of one pound of trash from the Ocean.


  • Color: Blue
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel 4Ocean Charm
  • Size: Adjustable to over 10″ in circumference
  • Design: Unisex

Why Should you Buy a 4Ocean Bracelet

Because of their love for the ocean, surfers and ocean enthusiasts, Alex and Andrew became driven to think of a way to help solve the problem of ocean trash and overfishing.

This is when they decided to employ sea captains to “fish” out any trash from the ocean they came across. The two friends then started to build 4 Ocean and offered a 100% recycled bracelet that would purposely provide the funds for the removal of the trash from both our oceans and coastlines – one pound at a time.

This is another example of how like-minded people can work together to help protect our oceans. This is very important to us here at Ocean Scuba Dive and also one of the reasons we have put together our Project Ocean page for you to help too.

Below we have put together five reasons why you should buy a 4Ocean bracelet today and also some interesting facts about the ocean.

4 Ocean bracelet underwater

Five Reasons why you should buy a 4Ocean Bracelet

1. Help Support Worldwide Clean-ups

The 4Ocean bracelet is made from recycled materials, with every bracelet purchased, the team at 4 Ocean are able to fund the removal of 1 pound of trash from our oceans – Supporting the ultimate ocean clean-up. This organization currently operates in multiple countries around the world, and although they only have around 150 employees worldwide, each person who buys a bracelet are essentially supporting their movement and helping clean up our oceans.  

2. Help Fight Ocean Pollution

Human pollution of our ocean is another major threat to all kinds of marine life. Not only do some marine life become very sick as a result of the pollution made by humans dumping into our rivers and oceans, but also the ecosystem that supports them is damaged in the process as well.

People are often blinded by the things they cannot see, ocean pollution is one of those things. What is ocean pollution? You are able to help by buying a 4Ocean bracelet today and using that money to help go towards removing trash from the ocean.

3. Help Fight Against Climate Change

As many of us know, climate change is not only a threat to us humans, but also to the environment around us. Although we all know about the different effects of global warming on mankind, a lot less is known about the impact it has on our ocean life.

Climate change is already making a huge impact on underwater food chains, which is most certainly going to cause lasting damage to all different kinds of species. This is a global emergency and we must act and do something about it now before it is too late. By buying a 4Ocean bracelet you will play a part in the solution to help us make a difference and start by cleaning up our oceans.

4. Help Protect the Marine Life within our Oceans

Every year, we throw away millions of tonnes of plastic, and vast amounts of this plastic find its way into the ocean. Some plastics take over 200 years to decompose causing danger to our marine life.

Once the plastic starts to break down into tiny pieces it’s consumed by marine animals of all kinds who mistake it for potential food. It’s estimated that over half of sea turtles have ingested some form of plastic. All of this plastic waste makes up a cocktail of harmful chemicals which is then passed up the food chain and into our food and water supplies. Making it not only harmful to our marine life, but also to the end consumers.

Not only is it dangerous to marine life by consuming it, but marine animals often find themselves entangled in different plastics and debris leading to injury and death. Take a look at some of the marine species most deeply impacted by plastic pollution.

5. Buying a 4Ocean Bracelet makes a Great Gift Idea

Scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts are all for cleaner oceans. Why not treat someone you know to a 4Ocean bracelet to help them symbolize their commitment to cleaner oceans and remove one pound of trash from the ocean & coastlines. With different editions coming supporting certain marine life and conservational efforts there will always be something to make a great gift idea, with the opportunity of giving back at the same time.

Get connected to the 4Ocean movement and help remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines with this perfect gift idea.

4Ocean bracelets

5 Facts about the Ocean

1. Around 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans. And only about 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored.

2. The ocean is home to the world’s largest living structure - the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef measures around 2,600 kilometers, it is so big it can even be seen from the moon.

3. The longest mountain range in the world is found underwater. This mountain range stretches over 56,000 kilometers and is known as the Mid-Oceanic Ridge. This is a mountain chain that runs along the center of the ocean basins.

4. The deepest part of the ocean is known as the Mariana Trench. This part of the ocean measures 11 Kilometres deep, that’s a long way down!

5. Our world’s ocean consists of 4 oceans. These include; The Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the newest named ocean, the Southern Ocean

Ocean coastline

Frequently Asked Questions about the 4 Ocean Bracelet

What does 4Ocean do?

4 Ocean are on a mission to clean up the world’s oceans. They employ captains and cleanup crews all the way from Florida to Bali who cleans our oceans and coastlines seven days of the week. In addition to these groups of people, they also host beach clean-ups, offshore clean-ups, and worldwide clean-ups in order to make the biggest impact.

4Ocean Beach Clean Up

What is the 4 Ocean Bracelet Made out of?

The 4 Ocean bracelet is made of 100% recycled materials, the band itself reflects a minimalist aesthetic as a string of clear beads which are made from recycled glass bottles.

What will 4Ocean do with the Money from buying the Bracelet?

With each purchase of a 4Ocean bracelet, the money will go towards removing one pound of trash from the ocean and its coastlines.

How much Trash has 4Ocean Removed from the Ocean?

The 4Ocean website has a fantastic way of keeping people who have bought their bands updated on their progress. There is a weekly update tracker on their homepage which counts off the pounds of plastic that they have cleaned from the ocean and coastlines. At the time of writing it’s nearly at 800,000 lbs and rises regularly!

How Much Plastic is in the Ocean?

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, we collectively dump the equivalent of one garbage truck full of water into the ocean every minute. There are over 250,000 tonnes of plastic in our oceans now, and at the rate that we are adding to it, it’s feared that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by the year 2050.

4Ocean’s is a simple clean up solution built up of beachcombing volunteers around the world. Collecting trash from the beach and oceans is a direct way to help reduce the trash in the ocean.

Some Studies have shown that around 80 percent of marine pollution comes from land. So, one of the main ways to reduce marine pollution is to get rid of rubbish carefully, wherever we are. If we reduce the amount of rubbish we make on the land it is likely there will be less rubbish in the ocean.

What are the Causes of Marine Pollution and how does it affect our Ocean Environment

Marine pollution comes in different forms and threatens the health of our coastlines and ocean. Marine pollution can mean anything from plastic litter, other litter such as glass bottles and cans, to oil and chemical spills or polluted stormwater drains and rivers which flow into the sea.

The effect these have on the marine environment depends on the type and size of pollution and also where the pollution occurs. Some marine environments and types of marine life are more sensitive than others to pollution.

Ocean Pollution

How Can I Help Stop Ocean Pollution?

The prevention of marine pollution is vital when it comes to the well-being of the ocean, the marine life it supports and also us. A cleaner ocean means that we can continue to enjoy our beaches and the marine life that comes with it.

There are plenty of things you can do to help, whether this is with a group of friends or family, or even by yourself - You can make a difference. We recently wrote about 9 things you can do to help save the ocean, but here are 5 quick things you can

  1. Arrange a beach clean-up
  2. Reduce your rubbish
  3. Take care of a local stream
  4. Find out more about your local beach. Get your friends and family involved in helping out.
  5. Educate others

Do you want to help 4Ocean by Volunteering?

4Ocean hosts many onshore and offshore clean-ups where they invite volunteers who want to help make our oceans healthier. Simply sign up to their newsletter and they will let you know when their next clean-up will be.