Best Prescription Dive Mask

Buying a prescription dive mask can really revolutionize the way people see underwater. Maybe that seems a little obvious, but you will be surprised how many people go years without getting the best for their vision and just make do without them. However, when they do decide to take the plunge, people become overwhelmed with the difference a prescription dive mask can make.

Sometimes, finding the right dive mask can be a difficult task. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We will guide you to find the best prescription diving mask on the market. There are many different styles but and our goal is to help you find the best prescription diving mask that fits both your needs and budget.

Remember, finding what you need is much more important than buying what others use or the product with the lowest price tag. To help you out with the process, we have put together a list of the best prescription dive mask reviews in order to help you find exactly what the best is for you.

Best Prescription Dive Mask Reviews

1. Scubapro Flux Twin Dual Lens

High Quality & Best Performance

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The Scubapro Flux Twin Dual Lens scuba diving mask is designed to accept optical lenses which improve your underwater view. With a wide selection of optical lenses available, it makes picking the best prescription dive mask so much easier.  The hypoallergenic, silicone skirt features a double-feathered edge which provides a comfortable, watertight seal on a variety of face shapes. A great option if you are looking for the perfect prescription dive mask.

Scubapro Flux Twin Dual Lens prescription Mask

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2. ScubaPro Zoom Evo

Universal Fit & Ideal for all Divers

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The ScubaPro Zoom Evo scuba diving mask is a low volume dual lens mask, ideal for all divers. Especially suited to diver who use optical lenses. This prescription dive mask offers a brand new lens change system that lets you switch lenses yourself without using any tools and in under a minute. A perfect design for divers looking for an all-around prescription mask.

ScubaPro Zoom Evo prescription dive mask

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3. Atomic Sub Frame

Durable & Lifetime Warranty

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The Atomic Sub Frame scuba diving mask with a prescription lens is so durable that it carries a lifetime warranty against frame breakage. Although this brings the price up a little higher than the other prescription dive masks. This mask comes with UltraClear lenses which are a new and exciting optical quality glass providing exception clarity and high light transmission. There is no color distortion with this lens as you may find with standard lenses. An excellent choice for someone looking for a long-term purchase and the best underwater view.

Atomic Sub Frame

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4. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal

Exceptional Field of View & High Quality

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The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal dive mask comes with ranked lenses which provide an excellent field-of-view. The mask itself is very well-designed with inverted teardrop lenses to improve downward visibility. Built to accept optical lenses, makes this prescription friendly scuba mask a perfect fit for you.

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal

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5. ProMate Scope Scuba

Designed for off-the-shelf correction

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The ProMate Scope Scuba optical corrective dive mask is great for off-the-shelf correction for your vision. Its liquid silicone injected skirt and strap make it a comfortable fit, ideal for medium-sized faces. If your vision isn’t 20/20 and are looking for an affordable mask this is the one for you.

ProMate Scope Scuba prescription dive mask

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6. Cressi Focus

High Quality & Graduated Optical Lenses

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The Cressi Focus dive mask comes with the option to install graduated lenses. This product has been around for many years and is a universal and quality mask.

Cressi Focus

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7. Tusa Paragon

Tri-Mix Frame & High Quality

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The Tusa Paragon corrective dive mask is a more expensive professional dive mask. With a new reinforced tri-mix frame produce a superior structure for a long-lasting product. This corrective lens mask comes with CrystalView optical glass which provides both eye protection and ultimate clarity. Corrective Lenses are offered in both a variety of diopters for maximum flexibility and for a custom fit. A perfect mask for a professional diver.

Tusa Paragon

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8. Tusa Freedom CEOS

Affordable & Comfortable

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The Tusa Freedom CEOS dive and snorkel mask has an amazing field of view, given that it is such a low volume mask. Included with Freedom Technology, this dive mask provides ultimate comfort with a superior seal and fit for minimizing leakage. This is a great choice for a reliable dive mask without having to break the bank.

Tusa Freedom CEOS

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How to choose the Best Prescription Dive Mask

Which Type of Lens do I Need?

Lens configuration and specification present the biggest decision to make when buying any dive mask. Add some prescription lenses and that can make things a little more challenging. Dive masks have either a single, twin or multiple lens configurations. The glass specification, lens shape, and special coatings are all possible options. Why buying a prescription dive mask, there are normally five different types of lenses, we have broken these down for you below.

Single Vision – Any prescription, nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatic, or prismatic, including matching pupillary distance.

Bifocals – Bifocals for both distance and near.

See-Unders – See-unders for the nearsighted person that takes off their glasses to read.

Classic Readers – Readers for close work with your gauges, camera or computer.

Executive Style Readers – Larger reader for the underwater professional.

What is a Diopter?

A diopter is a unit of measurement of strength, or refractive power of lenses. The higher the diopters, the more curved the lens is.

Can I get any Prescription on any Dive Mask?

There answer is yes. Yes, you can! There are businesses out there that specialize in custom making lenses to fit your prescription and also your mask.

To help provide you with more information and resources visit Prescription Dive Masks. Prescription Dive Masks have been serving professional divers for over 20 years. Now photographers, sports divers, and even snorkelers are discovering the advantages of clear underwater vision.

Linda Young, Optician, an avid diver is the owner of this company which custom makes each lens for your prescription by using the measurements for optimum vision. Once you have selected the mask you want, Prescription Dive Masks create your lenses to match. The lenses are kept as large as possible in order to give us divers a full field of vision. After the lenses have been specifically made, they are bonded to the glass face plate by hand with an optically clear adhesive which never comes off.

Their mission, to help you see the vast blue world safely, comfortably, clearly, and always with love.

What Material should my Dive Mask be made from?

Scuba diving masks are more typically made of silicone or rubber. Although rubber is a cheaper material than silicone, it’s important to remember that rubber is not as durable. For that reason, nowadays, most dive masks are made from silicone. Which is great for us because the silicone makes the masks soft and flexible with the durability needed. The silicone provides a good seal around your face making leakage minimal and comfort heightened.

It’s very important if you are scuba diving to buy a dive mask with tempered glass. Otherwise, the material won’t be able to cope with the underwater pressures when descending and could potentially break.

A Beginners Guide to Buying a Dive Mask

So you are thinking about buying your dive mask and you have some decisions to make. First things first, it’s important to become familiar with the components of a mask and then you should take these questions into consideration. Some of the answers may seem obvious and others are through personal preference. That’s why we have created this short list of comparisons to help guide you when you are buying your first mask for scuba diving.

Should I Buy or Rent a Dive Mask?

Since a mask needs to fit your face specifically, we recommend that divers buy their own masks. Most dive centers will have masks available for you to rent, which is also a good option should you accidentally forget to bring your mask or don’t have any space to travel with one.

What’s the Difference between a Scuba Mask and Snorkel/Swim Masks?

There are a few requirements in order for a mask to be suitable for diving. First, your mask should have strong tempered glass which will be able to withstand the pressures when scuba diving. And secondly, a mask for scuba divers must have a skirt that encloses the nose in order to provide the airspace in a divers mask to be able to equalize upon descent.

What’s more Important, Fit and Comfort or Color 

For us, there is a clear winner of this comparison, and it will always be fit and comfort. It’s important when buying a new dive mask that the skirt of the mask wraps around your eye area without leaving any gaps. We recommend you find the mask that fits the best first and then pick the color you want from there. Nowadays there are so many different styles and design we can be confident you will find something you love.

A dive representative will be able to help you with techniques for finding the perfect fit in any dive shop, but here is a common method we use;

  1. Hold the mask gently against your face
  2. Breathe in softly through your nose
  3. While breathing in through your nose, let go with your hands
  4. Check comfort on upper lip, nose, and temples

Should I buy a Dive Mask with a Transparent or Silicone Skirt?

Ultimately, this decision is a personal preference. A clear silicon skirt will allow for more light and is usually a popular option for beginning divers. This is because the clear mask skirt provides an open feeling and more peripheral vision. Whereas on the other hand, the Opaque dark silicon is a better choice for underwater photographers as this tends to reduce glare.

Should I buy a Dive Mask with a Silicone or a Neoprene Strap?

Many divers seem to find that a neoprene mask strap is much more comfortable. If however, you do not have problems with your strap slipping or have no hair a silicone mask strap is the better option.

What’s the Difference between High and Low Volume Masks?

Mask volume refers to the amount of airspace you have inside the mask. They each have their advantages. High volume masks offer the feeling of openness and also help to extend peripheral vision. They do, however, take that little more effort to clear. Low volume, also known as low-profile dive masks, sit closer to your face but can be cleared of water a lot quicker.

5 Dive Mask Tips you should know

  1. Once you have bought your new dive mask, scrub the interior lens with toothpaste or a non-abrasive cleaner, this will prevent unwanted fogging
  2. Bugs like to eat silicone, don’t let them eat that brand new mask! Keep it safe in a plastic mask box
  3. Over-tightening your dive mask will cause mask leakage
  4. After each use, remember to rinse your dive mask thoroughly with fresh water
  5. Try to keep your dive mask out of direct sunlight, this will make sure your mask lasts for as long as possible

Now that you have read through our different tips and advice we feel you are ready to buy a mask that suits your needs. Whether you need a prescription dive mask or are looking for the Top 10 Best Scuba Mask Reviews, we have it all here.

Leave a comment below on any other tips or recommendations you have on the best prescription dive masks.


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