Struggles of a Scuba Diver

13 Struggles of a Scuba Diver

Being a diver is awesome.

You get to experience the underwater world, explore 70% of the world which is inaccessible to most people, have encounters with incredible marine life and you even get to breathe underwater!

However, as with most things in life, there’s always a price to pay for getting to experience something so amazing. Here we’ve listed 13 times when the Diver Life struggle is just a little too real, that only divers will understand.

1. Trying to put on your wetsuit for dive number two…

2. Trying to change the family vacation destination so you can get some diving in. (Extra bonus points for trying to do it without the non-divers noticing).


3. Having WAY more luggage than your non-diving travel companion.


4. Having no space for all of your clothes because your case is full of dive gear.


5. The only time when ‘Thumbs up,’ is not a good sign. 👍


6. Getting a flooded mask from smiling a little too much, but then being unable to stop smiling.


7. Resisting the urge to jump in the water when someone shouts, “shark!”


8. Preferring to have sharks as company, rather than people.


9. Giving the OK sign at a bar and accidentally ordering 3 drinks… 👌👌


10. Not being able to remember the last time you used your bath for anything other than to rinse your gear, and fearing Scuba Steve will visit you one day soon…


11. Being surrounded by water and trying to resist the desperate urge to pee.


12. Finally giving in and accepting that you’re going to spend the rest of your dive covered in pee – come on, you know you’ve done it at least once.


13. Your Facebook friends no longer recognizing you without your dive mask on.


Can you relate to any of these scuba diver struggles? Let us know which ones you deal with and any other Diver life struggles you have in our comments!

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